Being in the mountains is challenging but also unique and wonderful. The same is true when surfing the internet.

Your safety is always in the focus of all our efforts. The measures to contain the Coronavirus is Austria have been eased, but to ensure security for the whole event we need your collaboration regarding the “3G” rule (short for German “geimpft, getestet, genesen – vaccinated, tested, recovered”). Please bring the corresponding confirmation and a FFP2 face mask with you.

Failure to follow the general behaviours like washing or sanitising your hands regularly, practising social distancing, wearing a FFP2 face mask,... could lead to an increase in infections and a localised outbreak. We all need to make sure we keep each other safe!
Even tough we use modern ad networks, current retargeting technology and latest hosting services we kindly ask you to do your best in supporting our effort of your safety. Please note that all our pictures are captured under creative commons license and might be used for further marketing.

One thing we got to mention clearly

In case you get hurt, injured or killed at WorkerConf - Alpine Conferences – digitale Inspiration und Netzwerke, its co-organisers and partners can not take any responsibility since we only organise talks and got no influence on your driving skills, mountain experience or other physical conditions.

Please note that the pictures on this site are captured by Matthias Rhomberg, Andreas Uher, Unsplash photographers and more.