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Sean Grove

Sean Grove

Founder @ OneGraph

Sean’s been hacking on devtools, debuggers, unikernels, scrapers, graphical tools, and apartment designers in ClojureScript, Rescript, and Rust for years, alongside giving talks on various kinds of tech, all while shipping business products that handle millions in revenue. It’s mostly been luck though, he continues to spend late nights staring at the computer perplexed about how anything he writes works.

Talk: Next-generation API clients - Move fast, own your abstractions

SaaS and APIs make payments, error reporting, helpdesks, CRMs, etc. easy to reuse, and let us embed our services inside others, from GitHub to Salesforce to Stripe.

But even though integration makes up so much of our product these days, each time it’s treated as a one-off glue-code that’s difficult to test, debug, and document - *and* our domain models are heavily infected by that of the providers.

We’ll see what happens when we make the glue code explicit, versioned, introspectable, and explore what it means to keep our own domain abstractions in our API clients.