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Benedikt Meurer is the leading Curator of WorkerConf 2019. "Challenging the status Quo is what really gets me going", Benedikt explains. "We at Google want to bring the industry to a new level, that's why we choose to take routes that are often less crowded and try hard to go the extra mile."

I really wanted to bring people that are near and dear to me. I'm looking up to many of the speakers because of their unique mindsets. Their thoughts and ideas is really what drives me to get up early and work long hours.

The biggest reward one can get is when you see billions of people around the globe experience real life benefits because of your work. This is what motivates me to contribute to conferences like WorkerConf.



Guntram Bechtold

Guntram is Project Manager at StarsMedia, a local digital Marketing Company. "Clients hire us when its getting tricky", Guntram explains, "We start with consulting to make sure we got a common understanding of a new project" clearifying the vision is critical to meet challenging goals. It is humbling for us to win National German Prices like DPOK but its even more rewarding to see a project hit bulls eye.



Thomas is Senior Engineer at arkulpa, a Software Development Company located in Lustenau, working for companies in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. He is getting inspired by people that go that one additional step. Thomas is a co-founder of arkulpa and also co-organizer of the AgentConf Conference Series.


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